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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book a spell cast?
Contact me right away with your detailed information and situation. I will analyze it and get back to you asap.

2. Is this safe?
Yes, this is very safe! No unwanted side-effect or negative karma will affect you.

3. Do you cast other spells?
Yes, you can always contact me with other needs than love, money, and protection, and I will help you solve your problem.

4. When can I expect results?
Every case is unique, and there is no way to predict how fast your case will be solved. Looking two years back, the average time a spell needed to produce full results was 6 weeks. But this is nothing I can promise.

5. Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, I will re-cast your spell for free if you are not happy with the results after 9 weeks. No questions asked!

6. Do I need to do something after you cast the spell?
Yes, you will get instructions for an easy candle ceremony. This will help my spell connect to you, and results will come faster.

7. Can I use your service even if I have other beliefs?
Yes, My spells are not connected to creed or religion. Mother Earth and the universe treat us all as equals.

8. WHat can I do to help the spell work faster?
Stay positive and believe in my powers. The spell feeds on your positivity!

9. How do I pay for my spell?
I will give you a payment link, and you pay securely with PayPal or your credit/debit card.

10. How do I get my testimonial onto your site?
Email me, and I will post it. Write as if you posted it on a site. I will upgrade my site later on so you can post directly instead.


I only work with a few clients per week to make the work more personalized and to be able to focus completely.


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