about me


Welcome friend, my name is High-Priestess Rei D'or and I have helped people for 25 years, with my spells and incarnations. I currently live in Encinitas, San Diego, but I am originally from Ontario, Canada. Since I was little, I have had a fascination of magick and witchcraft, which I inherited from my maternal grandmother. She was a pioneer in the Wicca arts, and with her help I learned all the secrets of nature and how to use them to modify the universe itself.

I also learned from her that I should not use it for my own benefit, so I am dedicated to helping improve the lives of people with a good heart. I have practiced this If you need my help for money, love or protection issues, you can contact me right now to spells@whitemagicspells.org but please repsect that this is my profession and I make living out of this. I do not offer free services.

i care

I feel that I create a relationship with each of my clients. My mission in this world is to help you to live a better quality of life.

i deliver

Each of my clients is 100% satisfied with the results. If the ritual is not as powerful as you wish, I promise to do it again for free.

i'am creative

Maybe you have an anguish and do not know what causes it. Contact me to find out, evil is where you least expect it.


If you want to contact me to work with you, write me to the email below. Together we can make all your goals come true. Remember that I only take a few cases each month, so you may get in the waiting list. So do not waste time and do it asap so I can write you back with my help.